The Platform for Web 2.0 Application and Services

   i-Box Network Applications Server � network appliance featuring Messaging, Web 2.0 Apps,

  Web-conferencing and Voice Services for a LAN/Intranet in SMB(s), CBO(s) and NGO(s)


 Centrally Managing Windows, Linux and Virtual Machines

  Multiple operating system environments are taking their place in organizations of all sizes at an unprecedented rate.

 The reality is that systems managers are charged with effectively maintaining multiple server OS environments

 whether it be Windows, Mac or Linux in order to support the myriad of Open Source and legacy applications,

 the i-Box Network Application Server helps meet this requirement.

 The Solution provided by i-Box:

 Unified Messaging - email, calendaring, IM, document briefcase and more ....

 Web 2.0 Applications - content management, e-learning tools, legacy server apps

 Web-Conferencing - screen sharing, whiteboard, web co-browsing, distance learning

 VOIP Services - voice mail, audio conferencing, voip-gateway access

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